Author: Dalbac

Foam Lamination: Engineered for Success

Dal-Bac manufacturing has a long history of creating custom foam lamination solutions for a wide variety of industries. Our approach is a bit different in that we specialize in creating new solutions and processes in order to deliver exceptional value. It all starts with our ISO 9001: 2015 certification. Achieving ISO certified status requires two […]

Flame Lamination Composites

Flame Lamination composites are efficient, reliable and deliver exceptional value. The core process involves passing a substrate (primarily polyurethane foam) across an open flame to create a thin tacky layer of melted polymer. This layer is then brought into contact with another substrate under controlled pressure and tension to create a cohesive bond between the […]

Better Coatings with Better Measurement

Dal-Bac Manufacturing offers a comprehensive suite of coating services utilized by a diverse range of industries. Our technical and engineering capabilities are keys to our success as they allow us to: Identify the best coating solution for specified substrates Customize the application process to meet specific performance requirements Create custom formulations to meet the unique […]

Laminated Fabric Solutions

Laminated fabric is most often thought of as a composite material composed of two or more layers of fabric. At Dal-Bac, Manufacturing we define laminated fabric as a composite composed of two or more layers – at least one of which is a textile fabric. For any type of laminated fabric composite, the critical issue […]

Growing Need for Medical Fabrics

Healthcare is constantly adding new services, procedures, treatments and requirements that require innovative medical fabric solutions. Medical fabrics are found throughout the healthcare industry: Surgical masks and clothing Disposable padding and component materials Skin contact sensor materials Laminates for fluid collection pouches Padding composites and attachment systems for orthopedic devices Like most healthcare issues there […]

Thermal Fusing for Laundry Labels!

How does thermal fusing get involved with laundry? Well, at Dal-Bac Manufacturing we love to solve problems and we learned that industrial and institutional laundry services had a critical need to be able to identify garments. This is especially true for industries that utilize uniforms. The solution to the challenge seemed simple enough – place […]

Foam Composites for All!

Dal-Bac Manufacturing has been creating foam composites for over 25 years. We use foams to add specific features to composites such as: Bulk Padding Flexibility and Stretch Breathability Durability Comfort Our foam composites are used by our customers to make: Orthopedic devices and braces Soft interior surfaces for automotive products Exterior covers for recreational equipment […]

Custom Flame Lamination Solutions

Flame lamination is one of the core services at Dal-Bac Manufacturing. As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company we take great pride in exceeding our customers expectations. Our goal is to help our customers reduce costs and improve yields. Achieving our goals is simply all about helping you achieve yours. That is why we are […]