Better Coatings with Better Measurement

Dal-Bac Manufacturing offers a comprehensive suite of coating services utilized by a diverse range of industries. Our technical and engineering capabilities are keys to our success as they allow us to:

  • Identify the best coating solution for specified substrates
  • Customize the application process to meet specific performance requirements
  • Create custom formulations to meet the unique requirements of a specific application

Production excellence and testing are critical parts of coating applications. Even the correct coating will not perform up to expectations if it is not applied within the required specifications. Testing during application and post application is necessary to confirm accurate application and deliver exceptional quality.

As an ISO 2001: 2015 certified company, Dal-Bac is committed to exceeding customer expectations. One of the requirements for ISO certification is a proven commitment to continuous improvement in terms of both process and product quality.

As a result of this commitment, Dal-Bac has just added a new Keyence sensor to our wet coating production capabilities. The new sensor:

  • Is positioned above the web of wet coated material
  • Utilizes reflective technology to measure the distance from the top of the coating to the bottom of the coating
  • Provides a delta value between the top and bottom measurements that determines absolute coating thickness
  • Measures coating thickness as thin as .0034″

The key benefits of our new Keyence sensor are:

  • Ability to better control wet coating weights
  • More accurate measurements leading to improved application performance
  • Ability to apply and measure thinner layers of coating
  • Real time readings for coating applications immediately downstream from liquid deposition
  • Better process and quality control

The addition of the new sensor to our wet coating application process is simply a demonstration of our commitment to improve our ability to exceed customer expectations. Our goal continues to be to help our customers reduce costs and improve yields by continuously improving our processes. 

Please contact us if you need a custom coating solution for one of your products.