Solutions for Start Ups and New Ideas

Dal-Bac specializes in all types of foam lamination products and pressure sensitive adhesives. We also specialize in helping Start Up companies and existing customers bring new products and ideas to the market.

When you have a new idea what you really need is a partner that will work with you to realize your vision. We love to do that and have had great success helping launch new products and brands.

Our central business is primarily soft goods converting and we have a range of capabilities to help develop new products and solutions.

  • Experience: Dal-Bac has been converting a variety of soft goods since 1973. We have particular expertise in all areas of foam lamination creating a wide variety of composite solutions.
  • Engineering: Our engineers can help you realize your vision and then create the manufacturing process to realize it. We can help you develop totally unique composite or adhesive solutions to meet the needs of your new idea. This includes developing prototypes that are designed with real production needs in mind.
  • Supplier Network: New ideas frequently need unique material solutions and our extensive supplier network lets us source anything you need.
  • Processes: as an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, process is a real priority for us. We can develop a completely new production process for your new product and then work to improve it and reduce your overall production costs.
  • Intellectual Property: Your idea will be safe with us as a result of our privacy policy. Our goal is to help you make the new product!
  • Value: A central premise at Dal-Bac is to help our customers reduce costs and improve yields. Our extensive knowledge about foam lamination products and pressure sensitive adhesive applications allows us to quickly plan for the right materials and leverage our existing manufacturing expertise.
  • Shared investment: We recognize that product development can have significant costs. As a result we frequently work with Start Ups to reduce their costs by crediting some of the development cost against future sales.

If you are a Start Up company or just have a new idea requiring foam lamination, flexible laminated goods or pressure sensitive adhesives we would love to start a conversation.