Foam Composites for All!

Dal-Bac Manufacturing has been creating foam composites for over 25 years. We use foams to add specific features to composites such as:

  • Bulk
  • Padding
  • Flexibility and Stretch
  • Breathability
  • Durability
  • Comfort

Our foam composites are used by our customers to make:

  • Orthopedic devices and braces
  • Soft interior surfaces for automotive products
  • Exterior covers for recreational equipment
  • Thermal insulation materials
  • Acoustical insulation materials
  • Die cut promotional products – “We’re #1!”
  • Beverage insulation products
  • Intimate apparel
  • Disposable medical padding and bandages
  • Safety equipment
  • Costumes
  • Protective helmets
  • Saddle pads
  • Gym mats
  • And many more….

We use two primary processes for creating foam composites:

  1. Flame Lamination – involves passing foam over an open flame, which creates a thin layer of melted polymer on the surface of the foam. A strong bond is then formed when the secondary (substrate) is quickly brought into contact with the tacky surface under controlled tension and pressure.

    This process allows us to create double-sided composites where the foam is sandwiched between a combination of decorative or technical materials. A key benefit of flame lamination is that it eliminates the need for adhesive and the risk of adhesive creep and bond failure.
  2. Thermal Fusing – allows us to bond flexible materials in a continuous roll-to-roll manner. By carefully controlling temperature, pressure and dwell, and selecting the best adhesive solution, we create strong bonds between foams and target materials to create bonds that stand up under any environmental extreme.

Regardless of the method we use for your project everything begins with clearly understanding your needs. Many of our solutions include custom elements and we prepare prototypes and samples along the way to make sure we are exceeding your expectations.

As an ISO certified company achieving customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Our mission is the help you reduce costs and improve yields. That is good business for both of us.