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Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company: A Dallas-Based Company with a Global Reach

Dal-Bac Mfg., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has established itself as the premier provider of superior lamination, fusing and coating products and services. The quality of these solutions is recognized far beyond city limits. With a team of seasoned professionals and a robust portfolio of certifications, Dal-Bac is capable of meeting the demands of clients from […]

Flame Lamination: Superior Bonding Solutions from Dal-Bac Manufacturing

Innovation plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and product quality in manufacturing. Dal-Bac provides Flame lamination, a cutting-edge bonding process that has revolutionized the way materials are bonded together. The Basics of Flame Lamination Flame lamination is a technique that involves using controlled flames to fuse materials together. It is particularly effective in joining […]

Dal-Bac Manufacturing: A Great Place to Work

What makes Dal-Bac a great place to work? Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company, Inc. is located in Forney, Texas only 20 miles east of Dallas, Texas and the Metroplex. We have been a leader in the laminator market for more than 40 years. During this time Dal-Bac has expanded our services to include flame lamination,  thermal fusing […]

Dal-Bac is America’s Leading Laminator

Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company Inc., based in Forney, Texas, is dedicated to delivering America’s best lamination solutions while adhering to global quality standards and utilizing high-quality components. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to produce some of the finest lamination services in the market. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Dal-Bac Manufacturing […]

Multi-Layer Lamination with or without Adhesive

Multi-layer lamination is a true game changer for our customers. It allows the creation and production of products that must meet multiple specifications. We love these kinds of projects because they require creativity and engineering expertise, two things that are central to Dal-Bac Manufacturing. Multi-layer lamination simply combines 2 or more different materials into a […]

Our Lamination, Fusing, Coatings and Specialty Services Customers are 100% Satisfied.

Customer satisfaction is the single most important thing at Dal-Bac Manufacturing. It is central to our ISO 9001 certification because it reflects our goal of exceeding customer expectations. We understand that you rely on us to create exceptional products, deliver impeccable service, and work with you to improve results. Communication is the key to achieving […]

Achieve Your Goals with Flame Lamination!

At Dal-Bac Manufacturing we understand that you want to be able to provide your customers with the best possible products. We also understand that you are in business to make a profit and our Flame Lamination services are specifically designed to help you do both. Meeting your Quality Goals Our Flame Lamination team is dedicated […]

Customer Success is Dal-Bac’s Goal

For over 40 years Dal-Bac Manufacturing has been dedicated to our customer’s success. We’re here to help you score GOALS, put the ball in the net, and achieve all your objectives. That is the primary reason why we are an ISO-9001 Certified Company. Core criteria for ISO-9001 certification includes: Whether you come to us for […]

Flame Lamination Delivers Major Benefits

It is true that Flame Lamination can be thought of as a basic approach to creating soft goods composites. However, at Dal-Bac Manufacturing, Flame Lamination is the tool that helps us deliver major benefits for our customers. Benefits of Flame Lamination Speed – Flame lamination solutions get to market much faster than other laminating options. […]