Author: Dal-Bac

Flame Lamination Delivers Major Benefits

It is true that Flame Lamination can be thought of as a basic approach to creating soft goods composites. However, at Dal-Bac Manufacturing, Flame Lamination is the tool that helps us deliver major benefits for our customers. Benefits of Flame Lamination Speed – Flame lamination solutions get to market much faster than other laminating options. […]

Flame Lamination with On-shore Suppliers and Great Geography

Dal-Bac Manufacturing is a leading provider of Flame Lamination solutions and critical soft goods conversion services. We understand that the current global business climate, particularly strained supply chains, is challenging. Manufacturers are struggling to stay on schedule and to source critical component material. Suppliers can be at the mercy of international supply bottlenecks that choke […]

Foam Composites are Central to Our Business

Foam composites have been a core part of our business throughout the history of Dal-Bac. In fact, foam composites have helped us become a much better partner to our customers. As a leading soft-goods convertor we make extensive use of foam composites to meet very specific requirements from our customers. This means that we need […]

Our Flame Lamination has been re-certificated ISO 9001:2015

Dal-Bac Manufacturing has specialized in Flame Lamination solutions for over 40 years. Our team creates single-sided, double-sided, or multi-layered composites for a wide range of industries. Dal-Bac is ISO 9001:2015 certified which demonstrates our total commitment to exceeding customer expectations. While some of our competitors are exiting our industry we have just completed the recertification […]

Dal-Bac is the solution for Flame Lamination

The COVID pandemic has created lots of challenges for businesses. You may be having issues sourcing products internationally, getting materials through your supply chain, or even just finding a company that can handle your flame lamination requirements. Dal-Bac Manufacturing can solve all those issues for you. Flame lamination is the core of our business and […]

Medical Fabrics for Today and Tomorrow

Dal-Bac Manufacturing has been creating custom medical fabrics since 1973. We utilize our flame lamination, thermal fusing, coating and adhesive capabilities to create custom medical fabric solutions that meet exacting standards for: Absorbency Padding capability Durability and strength Flexibility Softness and “hand” Moisture and air permeability (breathability) Moisture and air barriers Direct skin contact Direct […]