Multi-Layer Lamination with or without Adhesive

Multi-layer lamination is a true game changer for our customers. It allows the creation and production of products that must meet multiple specifications. We love these kinds of projects because they require creativity and engineering expertise, two things that are central to Dal-Bac Manufacturing.

Multi-layer lamination simply combines 2 or more different materials into a finished product. The product can be created using foils, films, foams, and non-woven materials. Frequently, an additional layer of adhesive is also added for use in downstream production. These adhesive layers are generally PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives).

PSAs are often referred to as “peel-and-stick” or “sticky back tape” adhesives. They can be applied to a wide variety of substrates and are typically covered and protected by a release paper or film that is removed to expose the adhesive surface.  

Multi-layer laminations are fashioned to meet a broad range of requirements including:

  • Stain resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Durability
  • Gas permeability
  • Bonding strength
  • Insulation capabilities – both thermal and acoustic
  • Breathability
  • The “hand” – tactile feel of the product

Our engineering capabilities help us provide better solutions for our customers because we take the time to understand the entire lifecycle of the product. We understand the requirements that must be met in the products’ final form and, just as importantly, we understand how to optimize products as they move through the production process. This means we can tailor materials for downstream production in ways that maximize efficiency and lowers costs.

Multi-layer lamination is one of the core services we offer to our   customers, and it is especially relevant to the trucking and automotive industries. Dal-Bac creates solutions for a wide array of motor vehicle requirements:

  • Protective covers for cars, trucks, and recreational equipment
  • Heated and cooled seating systems
  • Headliner fabrics
  • Floor protection
  • Upholstery
  • Soft interior surfaces

Beyond the automotive world, we supply finished multi-layer laminations and component multi-layer composites for:

  • Orthopedic products
  • Thermal insulation applications
  • Acoustic insulation applications
  • Sports equipment
  • Medical products
  • Textile products
  • Advertising specialty products

Of course, our absolute favorite multi-layer laminations are the ones we develop in partnership with our customers. Are you ready for your custom solution?