10 Reasons Dal-Bac should be your Flame Lamination Partner!

At Dal-Bac, we understand that you have options for your soft goods conversion projects. We also know that all providers of Flame Lamination services are not created equal, and we know that we are an exceptional partner. Let us look at the reasons why Dal-Bac Flame Lamination is the right answer for your business:

  1. Experience – Flame Lamination has been a core service of ours for 49 years. During that time, we have developed production processes to ensure we deliver products that exceed customer expectations.
  2. ISO -9001 Certified – The core values of ISO certification are the requirements to focus on continuously improving processes and customer satisfaction. Proof of that is we openly state that our goal is to improve throughput and lower costs for our customers.
  3. One-sided, double-sided, or multi-layer – Our systems, processes and equipment allow us to create Flame Lamination components that are single-sided, double-sided, or multi-layer and up to ¾” in thickness.
  4. Flexibility – Our facility includes two Flame Lamination systems the can bond materials measuring up to 65” in width. We also have additional capabilities that allow us to convert finished products to smaller widths and re-package them for downstream production.
  5. Engineering team – Our engineers are here to help you solve problems. They can assist with product development, create new production processes, and are always looking for ways to improve processes and the final product.
  6. Geography – We are centrally located in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex in North Texas, with easy access to supply chains and fast finished product delivery to all North America.
  7. Supplier Partners – Our suppliers are not a network of vendors – they have become our network of partners. Supplier partners collaborate with us to develop new materials, improve processes, source the right materials to meet customer needs, lower costs, and ensure production stays on schedule.
  8. Customer Service – Our mission is to help you succeed. We do this by:
    • Responding to all inquiries and incidents within 24 hours.
    • Collaborating with you to improve lead times.
    • Validating all shipping documents.
  9. Customer Satisfaction – This is the biggest core value at Dal-Bac and our 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey returned with a 100% rating.
  10. We Want Your Business – There is one final reason to make us your partner. We want to work with you and deliver products that exceed your expectations.