Foam Composites are Central to Our Business

Foam composites have been a core part of our business throughout the history of
Dal-Bac. In fact, foam composites have helped us become a much better partner to our customers.

As a leading soft-goods convertor we make extensive use of foam composites to meet very specific requirements from our customers. This means that we need ready access to a dizzying array of materials including:

  • Foam materials
    • Polyurethane
    • Polyethylene
    • EVA sponges
  • Outer layer materials
    • Fabrics
    • Films
    • Non-wovens
  • Adhesives

Because of our ever-expanding materials needs we have developed a powerful network of supplier partners. These partners help us identify new material and process opportunities and work with us to exceed the needs of our customers.

Foam composites are amazingly flexible and can be used in myriad applications. This results in the need for lots of specific features such as:

  • Overall thickness of the final composite
  • Padding capability
  • Flexibility and stretch
  • Breathability
  • Durability
  • Comfort – including the composite’s “hand”

This broad range of features has fueled the growth of our engineering capabilities. Our team has the experience to answer all of your “can you” questions and we are especially good at finding the answer to “how to” questions.

We are proud of our ability to develop innovative foam composite solutions to meet customer requirements. Our supplier partners help us identify new material options and our engineers create custom manufacturing processes to lower costs, improve yields, and meet stringent requirements.

Dal-Bac utilizes three core capabilities for produce foam composites

  1. Flame Lamination – allows us to create double-sided composites where the foam is sandwiched between a combination of decorative or technical materials. A key benefit of flame lamination is that it eliminates the need for adhesive, the risk of adhesive creep, and bond failure.
  • Thermal Fusing – allows us to bond flexible materials in a continuous roll-to-roll manner. By carefully controlling temperature, pressure and dwell, and selecting the best adhesive solution, we create strong bonds between foams and target materials to create bonds that stand up under any environmental extreme.
  • Custom – we will use a variety of custom elements to create a foam composite solution to meet specific requirements. This could be a new material, a unique design, a new production process, or all of the above.

Dal-Bac is uniquely capable of solving your foam composite challenges. Let us show you “how to…”