Dal-Bac is the solution for Flame Lamination

The COVID pandemic has created lots of challenges for businesses. You may be having issues sourcing products internationally, getting materials through your supply chain, or even just finding a company that can handle your flame lamination requirements.

Dal-Bac Manufacturing can solve all those issues for you. Flame lamination is the core of our business and we help customers create soft goods finished products and components for:

  • Orthopedic products
  • Thermal insulation applications
  • Acoustic insulation applications
  • Automotive interior applications
  • Sports equipment
  • Medical products
  • Advertising specialty products
  • Custom solutions

Because of our ability to continue to source products and materials, develop unique solutions for customers, and exceed customer expectations our flame lamination business has been growing during the pandemic. Here is what makes Dal-Bac such as exceptional answer to your flame lamination needs:

  • Experience: Flame lamination has been one of our core services for 49 years.
  • Supply Chain Partnerships: Our extensive network of supply partners has allowed us to keep production flowing in these challenging times.
  • Location: Dal-Bac is based in North Texas which makes it easy for us to source and supply materials from anywhere in the United States.  Plus, we produce everything domestically removing any possible international supply chain obstacles.
  • Berry Amendment Compliant: We are in compliance with all “Made in the USA” requirements of the Berry Amendment.
  • ISO 9001 Certification: This represents our commitment to exceeding customer expectations by improving processes and reducing costs. 90% of our customers rate us as “exceeding expectations.”
  • Engineering Team: Our team is focused on helping clients increase production yields and lower costs. We create and optimize production processes and work closely with our customers to develop custom solutions to meet exacting specifications.

If you are having trouble finding someone to handle your flame lamination or other soft goods converting projects – Dal-Bac is here to help. We will use our experience, expertise, location, and supply chain partnerships to exceed your expectations.