Medical Fabrics for Today and Tomorrow

Dal-Bac Manufacturing has been creating custom medical fabrics since 1973. We utilize our flame lamination, thermal fusing, coating and adhesive capabilities to create custom medical fabric solutions that meet exacting standards for:

  • Absorbency
  • Padding capability
  • Durability and strength
  • Flexibility
  • Softness and “hand”
  • Moisture and air permeability (breathability)
  • Moisture and air barriers
  • Direct skin contact
  • Direct skin contact adhesives
  • Biodegradability/ Sustainability

Today, we help our customers by focusing on improving our production processes to reduce cost and improve throughput while working with our extensive supplier network to source the best materials for every application. We use a wide array of materials including:

  • Hook-compatible loop knits
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Anti-microbial fabrics
  • Enhanced wicking fabrics
  • Mesh fabrics
  • Stretch knits
  • Foam laminates
  • Coatings for both barrier and permeable solutions
  • Bonding adhesives
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives for skin contact

We use all of our resources and capabilities to create exceptional medical fabrics that are used across a broad range of solutions including:

  • Padding composites for orthopedic and orthotic appliances
    • Featuring a variety of custom solutions to customize air flow and breathability
  • Disposable surgical masks
  • Skin contact sensors
  • Fluid collection pouches
    • Featuring moisture and air flow solutions
  • Skin contact pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Disposable fabrics with a variety of capabilities

We are aware that the medical industry is always changing rapidly with new technologies and treatment options and that medical fabrics must evolve to meet new requirements. As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company Dal-Bac is dedicated to exceeding our customers expectations. This means that we are continuously looking to improve our production process, reduce overall costs and improve final quality.

Tomorrow, we will put all of our expertise at your disposal to help create medical fabric solutions for emerging applications. Our engineering team is well known for developing new materials and new processes to solve specific challenges. If you need medical fabric solutions today or tomorrow Dal-Bac is ready to exceed your expectations.