Flame Lamination with On-shore Suppliers and Great Geography

Dal-Bac Manufacturing is a leading provider of Flame Lamination solutions and critical soft goods conversion services. We understand that the current global business climate, particularly strained supply chains, is challenging. Manufacturers are struggling to stay on schedule and to source critical component material. Suppliers can be at the mercy of international supply bottlenecks that choke production of needed materials.

We provide answers to the current business challenges by continuing to exceed our customers expectations. Our customers rely on us to deliver exceptional composite materials delivered on time and at a great value. There are three keys to our continued success:

1. Our Flame Lamination Expertise

Dal-Bac has over 40 years of experience using flame lamination to create single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered composites across a wide array of applications. We are experts in flame lamination and help our customers by:

  • Increasing Speed to Market – Our flame lamination solutions are generally much faster than other laminating options.
  • Improving efficiency – Flame lamination does not require adhesives which reduces materials costs. Plus, Dal-Bac is an ISO 9001 certified company that is dedicated to improving processes to increase yield and lower costs.
  • Creating powerful bonds – Flame lamination composites feature exceptionally strong bonds between all layers of the product and remove the risk of adhesive creep or bond failure.
  • Delivering better products – Flame lamination composites add beneficial product enhancements including durability, breathability, moisture barrier and thermal and acoustical insulation.
  • Developing custom solutions – Dal-Bac’s engineering team works with customers to improve product characteristics, manufacturing processes, and even design complete custom solutions to meet specific product requirements.

2. Our Location

Dal-Bac is in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Our central location is a major transportation hub that allows us to efficiently ship our products anywhere in North America. Similarly, we can easily access supplies and raw materials through the United States.

3. Our Supply Chain

Dal-Bac has an extensive network of domestic and international raw materials and component suppliers. These suppliers are our partners, and we work closely with them to improve processes, lower costs, and develop new solutions.

We understand that international supply chains are currently suffering from delays and uncertainty. Our domestic supply partners can help you re-shore your operations and can help you add “Made in America” to your products.

If you are facing supply channel challenges, need expert flame lamination services, and are anywhere in North America, Dal-Bac can be the answer you need.