Flame Lamination, Fusing, Coatings and Specialty Services for Soft Goods

Since the pandemic hit the soft goods converting industry has seen a lot of turmoil. There have been challenges with supply chains, labor availability, and the overall volume of business. Quite a few laminating and converting companies have been forced to shut down.

Dal-Bac is proud of our ability to manage through these challenges and we are ready to work with any company in need of a new supplier for soft goods converting or specialty services. We must recognize our supplier partners for helping us to weather the pandemic storm. They have helped us avoid the supply issues and bottlenecks that crippled other companies.

Dal-Bac offers a comprehensive suite of converting services including:

  • Flame lamination creates strong bonds between two separate materials without the use of adhesive. The process is eco-friendly, improves recyclability, and creates single-sided, double sided, or multilayer laminations. Typical applications include:
    • Orthopedic padding
    • Thermal insulation
    • Automotive interior components
    • Advertising specialty products
  • Thermal fusing allows us to create strong powerful bonds between two materials when a wet adhesive would be impractical. The process is ideal for fusing materials such as textiles, plastic films, and paper. We use thermal fusing extensively to apply adhesive films and hot-melt web adhesives to our customers materials which can be reactivated during downstream production.
  • Coatings are primarily solvent based pressure sensitive adhesives that have grown into a substantial business for us. We use our own custom-built equipment apply pressure sensitive adhesives to fabrics, films, foams, and papers. Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are one of our core applications.
  • Specialty Services include die cutting, slitting, and narrow-web screen printing. In addition, we have an entire division focused on the apparel business that provides:
    • Waistbands
    • Military name tapes
    • 3M reflective striping
    • Bias binding
    • Bindings

All services are backed by our ISO 9001 certified processes. Our engineering team is dedicated to finding ways to increase yield and reduce costs by creating innovative and custom solutions.

We’re here to exceed your expectations.