DAL-BAC MANUFACTURING is an ISO 9001 certified Company with a Quality System that continuously measures performance by directly communicating with our customers.

We elicit feedback on the key customer service metrics of on-time delivery, quality of products and competitive pricing.

With respect to delivery, our goal is to have all products leave our docks by the promised ship date. With the current pandemic, this is quite a challenge, but our Customer Service team works with our customers to meet their delivery expectations and avoid causing costly downtime to their operations. Since the onset of the pandemic, no customer has reported downtime due to late shipments from Dal-Bac. We ship on time and in the quantities required by the customer.

Naturally, we also strive to meet customer expectations of product quality. When an issue of quality arises, we promptly initiate an investigation into the possible root cause and engage all contributing parties to determine an effective corrective action. Once determined, we move to put these corrective actions in place as expeditiously as possible. We pride ourselves on our quality assurance programs. Our customer feedback reflects satisfaction with our measures to maintain quality and with how promptly we react to any given situation.

Lastly, we work to ensure that our customers receive the best possible pricing we can offer. Our markets, like so many others, are always demanding better products at lower prices. Dal-Bac works with our customers – whether it is raw material sourcing, product redesign or taking advantage of economies of scale – to help them meet their budgetary expectations on pricing, and/or provide value added alternatives to exceed customer requirements.

At Dal-Bac, Customer Satisfaction is our focus, and our customers who provide vendor performance reports, consistently reflect this commitment.

If you are looking for a laminator of flexible materials as well as material conversion and custom cutting/slitting with a company that is committed to the superiority of your products, give us a call at 469-689-0964 or email me at [email protected]