Fabric Lamination Requires expertise.

Fabric lamination is a core service at Dal-Bac manufacturing. We recognize the critical importance of safeguarding our customer’s investments in expensive, and often fragile, fabrics. Meticulous processes and attention to detail are necessary to consistently deliver exceptional fabric lamination results.

A key part in a successful fabric lamination project is a clear understanding of what our customer needs to accomplish. Notice that we say “needs” instead of “wants” because our purpose is to exceed your expectations with the best possible solution. Our engineering and production teams need to know the performance characteristics your fabric composites require:

  • • Fire protection
  • • Liquid protection
  • • Moisture barrier
  • • Heat tolerance
  • • Acoustic barrier
  • • Flexibility
  • • Strength

Once we understand the required performance characteristics we can recommend the best approach to deliver them. Our solutions include:

  • • Specific adhesives
  • • Barrier materials
  • • Backing solutions
  • • Downstream production solutions

At its core, fabric lamination combines two or more, layers of fabric into a single composite that is superior to a single fabric. Fabric lamination creates composite fabrics that are typically more durable, versatile, stronger and water-resistant. Dal-Bac utilizes two different methods for fabric lamination:

  • Flame Lamination: Flame lamination passes a foam layer, or other flame laminable grade of material, over an open flame to create a thin tacky layer of melted material on the surface of the layer. A secondary fabric is quickly brought into contact with the heated layer to create a tight bond under controlled tension and pressure. The resulting composite can be a single, double or multi-layer laminate.
  • Thermal Fusing: Allows us to bond thin flexible materials, such as fabrics, in situations where wet adhesives are not practical. Our thermal fusing process bonds materials in a continuous roll-to-roll fashion. By carefully controlling temperature, pressure, dwell time and selecting the best adhesive substrate, we create finished products with enhanced durability and performance.

Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. We are experts in creating custom fabric lamination solutions for a wide range of industries. Contact us about your fabric lamination needs.