Custom Laminated Fabric Solutions

Fabric laminates are composites comprised of two or more layers, at least one of which is a textile fabric. The layers are bound together by either:

1. An adhesive inserted between the layers and activated by means of Thermal Fusing
2. Inducing a short open-time adhesive property on the surface of the one or more of the component layers via Flame Lamination

Dal-Bac provides both Thermal Fusing and Flame Lamination services to create laminated fabric composites for a wide range of industries. A critical part of fabric lamination is creating a strong adhesive bond between the layers that will not degrade or deteriorate during the expected use conditions of the finished product. The conditions and requirements can range from:

• Movement
• Laundering
• Temperature extremes
• Water-resistance
• Breathability
• Durability
• Flexibility
• Stiffness

A key challenge for fabric lamination is to achieve the desired “hand” for the fabric. Adhesives can sometimes make the fabric too rigid, which can affect the “hand”, performance characteristics, and downstream production of the final product. Dal-Bac engineering teams work closely with customers to identify and select the best composite materials to deliver the desired performance characteristics. A frequent requirement is for a laminated fabric that is both water-resistant and breathable. In this case a non-textile membrane is laminated between two textiles. The membrane is porous to allow water vapor (sweat) to escape while the outer layer of the composite provides a moisture barrier.

Dal-Bac Laminated fabrics deliver significant benefits over a single fabric solution by incorporating the qualities of all the layers used to create the composite. These composites exhibit characteristics that are beyond the capabilities of a single fabric solution. Our ISO 9001: 2015 systems and processes combine to produce composite fabrics that are:

• More Durable
• More Versatile
• Stronger
• Easier to work with for downstream production needs
• Water-Resistant
• Breathable

We love exceeding our customer’s expectations and like challenges so please share your laminated fabric needs with us.