Solvent-based Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Dal-Bac Manufacturing uses different types of adhesives to coat a wide range of surfaces for bonding various materials together. However, when we coat adhesives, we specialize in using solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives.

Pressure sensitive adhesives, or psa’s, are commonly referred to as “peel and stick” adhesives or “sticky back tapes.”  These are adhesives that can be applied to any number of substrates; then covered and protected by a release paper or film that is removed to expose the adhesive.  They can then be applied to the intended surface.

Band-Aids, peel and stick labels, and duct tape are all common examples of pressure sensitive adhesives.  Psa’s generally come in three different varieties:

  1. Water-borne
  2. Solvent-based
  3. Hot melt

At Dal-Bac we specialize in solvent- based psa’s because they can be engineered for superior performance when compared to their water-borne relatives.  We extend our specialization to acrylic adhesives because of their versatility across a wide range of substrates.

A key business area for our pressure sensitive adhesives is supplying custom peel and stick tapes for customers to utilize as accessories with their primary products.  For example:

  • Gym mat tape: One of our customers makes large gym pads by laminating a tough, durable plastic surface to a foam padding material.  These pads are used for activities like wrestling and gymnastics and cover floor areas that are larger than the mats can be made.  To help hold the mats together we make a splicing tape for them out of the same material used for the surface of the mat.  We accomplish this by transfer coating a solvent-based acrylic adhesive to the same plastic film used for the mat’s surface.  The resulting tape is the used to hold mat sections together.
  • Custom vapor barrier: Another Dal-Bac customer makes a custom vapor barrier material for use in sheathing buildings.  We make a specialty peel-and-stick tape for them that combines the vapor barrier material on one side and a pressure sensitive adhesive on the other side.  The tape facilitates the sheathing process by handling spaces where the barrier cannot be tacked up or secured in some other mechanical fashion.

If you have a need for a peel-and-stick tape that includes a specific flexible material Dal-Bac can help you get rolling!