Multi-Purpose Medical Fabrics

The medical industry is constantly evolving with new technologies, treatments and protocols. Medical fabrics must keep pace with this constant evolution to provide efficient and efficacious solutions that answer specific medical requirements.  Dal-Bac Manufacturing is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company dedicated to meeting our customer’s requirements. That includes applying our extensive knowledge and experience with fabric lamination to producing exceptional medical fabrics. Our medical fabrics are used in:

  • Padding composites for orthopedic and orthotic appliances
  • Disposable surgical masks
  • Skin contact sensors
  • Fluid collection pouches
  • Skin contact pressure sensitive adhesive products
  • A variety of custom applications

For our padding composites, we use a variety of foam laminates including both open-cell polyurethane foams and cross-linked polyethylene foams. We create medical fabrics from a broad range of original fabrics including:

  • Hook-compatible loop knits
  • non-woven fabrics
  • Anti-microbial fabrics
  • Enhanced wicking fabric
  • Mesh fabrics
  • stretch knits

Dal-Bac specializes in creating custom medical fabric solutions for specific applications. As an example, one of our customers required uniform airflow within the padding components of an orthotic brace. To solve this challenge, we created an open-cell polyurethane foam with fabric laminates for the padding.  To ensure uniform airflow we utilized foams that were skived from flat bun stocks instead of from round buns.

Foam cells form themselves relative to gravity, so peeled goods from round buns have cell structures that are constantly shifting from horizontally formed to vertically formed cells (and all gradations in between), causing changes in air-flow characteristics. Goods skived from flat stock exhibit uniform cell structure, which translates into uniform airflow. This level of knowledge, attention to detail, engineering expertise and problem solving is central to solutions from Dal-Bac.

Our primary value is to exceed our customer’s expectations. If you need a custom medical fabric solution, we’re ready to create one for you.