Fabric Lamination creates exceptional composites

Fabric Lamination is a process that combines two, or more, layers of fabric into a single composite with specific characteristics. It creates fabrics that are customized for specific needs and environments that are beyond the capabilities of a single fabric solution. Fabric lamination results in composite fabrics that can be more durable, versatile, stronger and water-resistant.

Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company uses fabric lamination to produce a wide range of composite fabrics and customized solutions for a wide range of industries.

We utilize two different methods for fabric lamination:

  • Flame Lamination: Flame lamination passes a foam layer, or other flame laminable grade of material, over an open flame to create a thin tacky layer of melted material on the surface of the layer. A secondary fabric is quickly brought into contact with the heated layer to create a tight bond under controlled tension and pressure. The resulting composite can be a single, double or multi-layer laminate.
  • Thermal Fusing: Allows us to bond thin flexible materials, such as fabrics, in situations where wet adhesives are not practical. Our thermal fusing process bonds materials in a continuous roll-to-roll fashion. By carefully controlling temperature, pressure, dwell time and selecting the best adhesive substrate, we create finished products with enhanced durability and performance.

Fabric lamination delivers significant benefits over a single fabric solution by incorporating the qualities of both the materials used to create the composite fabric. Laminating different fabrics together creates a composite fabric with the benefits of both. A frequent lamination solution involves combining a strong fabric with a more decorative fabric resulting is significantly greater tensile strength.

Fabric lamination also delivers benefits in downstream processing by adding a stabilizer to the fabric to eliminate distortion. This allows the fabric to be cut into complex shapes and sizes.  A plastic layer can also be laminated to fabric to make it easier to cut the fabric into component pieces for assembly.

Dal-Bac Manufacturing Company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.  Custom fabric lamination solutions are one of our specialties.