Pressure Sensitive Adhesive – a two sided challenge!

When creating pressure sensitive adhesive tapes (peel-and-stick products), getting the adhesive to anchor to the primary substrate and the target surface can often be a challenge.  Dal-Bac has a proprietary solution that solves that challenge.

Two Sides to Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesives must be selected with an eye toward insuring that they bond well to the target surfaces.  Label stocks, for example, must adhere to boxes or plastic bags; pipe wrap must adhere to copper or galvanized pipe.  The manufacturers of these products want to offer a product that utilizes an adhesive engineered to bond to their particular surfaces.  However, that pressure sensitive adhesive may not be the best product for anchoring to the primary substrate.

Customers are expecting that pressure sensitive adhesives will bond easily to the target surface without any degradation, or anchorage failures, of the primary substrate.  The choice of adhesives in these situations must take into account the customer’s needs and the result must deliver a solution that bonds equally well to the target surface and the original substrate.

Historically, when surface characteristics of the primary substrate are significantly different than the target surface, additional measures must be taken to compensate for the lack of affinity between the two surfaces.  There are two primary ways to resolve this situation:

  1. Most pressure adhesive coaters use corona treating. This is a micro-etching that promotes improved anchorage.
  2. Double coated pressure sensitive adhesives. This solution utilizes two different adhesives on opposite sides of a support film or carrier. The adhesive on one side is matched to the primary substrate and the other side is matched to the target surface.

Both of these solutions are effective but they both entail additional time and costs. In addition, the double coating approach can compromise the “hand” of the finished product.  This can result in products becoming too stiff.

Dal-Bac’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Solution

To resolve this two-sided challenge, Dal-Bac has developed a proprietary technique that promotes pressure sensitive adhesive anchorage. Our solution does not require corona treating or double coating.  Our extensive experience with woven and knit fabrics has allowed us to refine our technique to successfully boost anchorage of pressure sensitive adhesives across a variety of challenging substrates such as tackle twills, knit nylons and spandex fabrics. The technique is adaptable to a wide range of materials via slight modifications to our process.

If you have been experiencing anchorage failures with your preferred pressure sensitive adhesive to your primary substrate, Dal-Bac may have the solution you need.