SIC and NAICS codes

NAICS and SIC numerical designations are a commonly used means by which potential customers can seek out likely vendors for the products they need. A person can look through the NAICS or SIC listings and find the designation that most closely matches what they seek, and then use that number to search for a vendor.

SIC codes were particularly helpful before the advent of the internet, and their promulgation through a broad range of industrial directories has kept them relevant. So, while it is vital to sales to maintain a conspicuous web presence, some attention should be given to understanding where one “fits” in these “uniform” classification lists.

Dal-Bac, like virtually any active business concern, does not exactly fit any one coded designation. No single code encapsulates all of our activities, nor do we completely encompass all of the activities ascribed to any single code. We are a little bit of a lot of different codes.

So, we list below (in numerical order) those codes that are, in some meaningful way, pertinent to our business activities.

SIC 2241 – Narrow Fabric & Other Smallwares Mills; Cotton, Wool, Silk & Manmade Fiber

SIC 2262 – Finishers of Broadwoven Fabrics of Manmade Fiber & Silk

SIC 2269 – Finishers of Textiles, not elsewhere classified

SIC 2295 – Coated Fabrics, not Rubberized

SIC 2297 – Non-Woven Fabrics

SIC 2299 – Textile Goods, not elsewhere classified

SIC 2396 – Automotive Trimmings, Apparel Findings & Related Products

SIC 2671 – Packaging Paper & Plastics Film, Coated & Laminated

SIC 2672 – Coated & Laminated Paper, not elsewhere classified

SIC 2891 – Adhesives & Sealants

SIC 3053 – Gaskets, Packing & Sealing Devices

SIC 3083 – Laminated Plastics Plate, Sheet & Profile Shapes

SIC 3086 – Plastic Foam Products

SIC 3089 – Plastic Products, not elsewhere classified

SIC 3842 – Orthopedic, Prosthetic & Surgical Appliances & Supplies

SIC 3949 – Sporting & Athletic Goods, not elsewhere classified

NAICS 313310 – Textile & Fabric Finishing Mills

NAICS 313320 – Fabric Coating Mills

NAICS 314999 – All Other Miscellaneous Textile Product Mills

NAICS 326130 – Laminated Plastics Plate, Sheet (except packaging) & Shape Manufacturing

NAICS 542890 – Other Services Related to Advertising

If you are involved in a search by SIC or NAICS code numbers, be aware that a hit on one of the above listed codes is really only a starting point, but we’ll be happy to explore whether or not there is a fit and thank you for the opportunity. We could probably tenuously justify a good many other codes, but that would only further blur our image, so we’ll leave it at these, for now, and wish you happy hunting.