Flame Lamination Delivers Major Benefits

It is true that Flame Lamination can be thought of as a basic approach to creating soft goods composites. However, at Dal-Bac Manufacturing, Flame Lamination is the tool that helps us deliver major benefits for our customers.

Benefits of Flame Lamination

  • Speed – Flame lamination solutions get to market much faster than other laminating options.
  • One layer, two sided or multi-layer composites – Flame lamination can be used to bind two substrates together or combine multiple layers into a single finished composite.
  • Lower costs – Flame lamination does not use adhesives, and this reduces both materials and production costs while also eliminating adhesive creep and bond failure issues in downstream processes.
  • Durability – Because flame lamination directly binds without using adhesive the composites have exceptionally powerful bonds.
  • Better for the environment – Because flame lamination composites do not use adhesives, they are much easier to recycle.
  • Enhanced products – Flame lamination can be used to add specific characteristics to finished composites including:
    • Breathability
    • Moisture protection
    • Thermal and acoustical insulation
    • Flexibility
    • Thickness control
  • Continuous improvement – Dal-Bac is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. This means we are committed to continually improving our processes, techniques, and material which results in lower costs, higher yields, and improved production efficiency.

Dal-Bac is the place to get these benefits

We have over 40 years of experience creating flame lamination composites and are known for creating custom solutions that exceed customer expectations.

The keys to our success are:

  1. Our internal engineering team that is dedicated to finding ways to improve our processes and developing new product concepts.
  2. Our network of suppliers for raw materials and components that partners with us to source the right materials and develop new solutions.

Dal-Bac is Berry Amendment compliant and utilizes Oeko Tek certified fabrics.

If you are interested in the benefits of flame lamination along with increased yields and lower costs, we’d like to talk with you.